Skin Medica SPF 30+ 0


Summer is officially here! It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and bask in the sun all day. Though the sun provides us with Vitamin D and can be great for the soul… it can wreak havoc on our skin. Wrinkles, premature aging, and an increased risk of skin cancer are just a few of the things that can be associated with too much sun exposure.

Stay smart and safe this summer by covering up with a broad spectrum UVA / UVB sun protectant such as Skin Medica’s Daily Physical Defense SPF 30+. This product is appropriate for all skin types including sensitive and post-procedure skin. It contains green tea leaf extract, a natural antioxidant that is rich in polyphenols as well as caffeine which helps prevent free radical damage.

The key to sun protection is to re-apply often rather than lathering on SPF 80. Research has shown that higher SPFs don’t necessarily provide extra protection, but are filled with unnecessary chemicals which may do more harm than good. Stick with a high quality sunscreen rather than just a high number of SPF, re-apply often , and have fun in the sun.