Dog Bites & Dog Safety

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Pets are such an amazing part of life. They provide us with unconditional love, laughter, and great company… however, it is important to get educated and practice precautions especially around dogs that are unknown to you.

Dog bites happen in U.S. each and every day. Last year nearly 30,000 reconstructive procedures were performed as a result of a dog bite injury. More than 1/2 of dog bite victims are children, and over 50% of children under the age of 12 have been bitten by a dog. The physical scars can be long-lasting and the emotional scars even more so.

Some common mistakes that often lead to dog bite injuries include disrupting a dog while eating (many dogs are food aggressive), pulling on a dog’s tail (small children often see this as a way of playing, but it can aggravate an aggressive dog), and trying to outrun a dog (this is a race you will most likely not win).

Here are some simple steps you and your child can take while approaching an unknown dog…


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You think it will never happen to you or a loved one, but unfortunately dog bites are not a rare occurrence. It is estimated that 4.5 million Americans are bitten each year, half of whom are children. Having dogs in the home increases the risk of being bitten, however, many dog bite cases involve dogs and victims that have no relationship with one another.

Children should learn dog safety at a young age. This includes the proper way to interact with their own dogs as well as how to approach unfamiliar dogs and what to do if an unfamiliar dog approaches them. Children should not be taught to fear dogs as they are wonderful creatures that bring joy to so many people. Studies have shown that children who grow up with dogs are often happier, calmer, more confident, caring, responsible, inquisitive, and outgoing. Adults should do their part to educate children in dog safety and research various breeds before they are brought into the home.

Though proper safety precautions may reduce the incidence of dog bites unfortunately they still do occur. These bites often result in serious injury and even death. Each year 885,000 dog bite victims require serious medical attention including reconstructive surgery. Dr. Vecchione treats dog bite victims on a regular basis. The physical and emotional scars incurred from a dog bite can be devastating and long lasting. Our team at Vecchione Plastic Surgery is here to assist you throughout the healing process.