Are You Eating Enough Protein? 0


Proteins are literally the building blocks of life. They allow your body to run the efficient machine that it was meant to be. If you are lacking in protein, you may feel hungry, anxious, or fatigued. Protein helps your body to build lean muscle and burn more fat. When people are lacking in protein they often go overboard on the wrong kinds, aka protein bars and protein powders. Yes, they do contain protein, but they often contain chemicals and other things that our bodies cannot properly utilize. The CDC recommends about 46 grams of protein for women and 56 grams of protein for men per day. Aim for consuming real foods to get your fill of protein. Here are some great protein packed options…

+ avocado – protein, antioxidants and mono-unsaturated fats (the good kind)

+ chickpeas – a powerful protein boost

+ greek yogurt – protein and calcium

+ hemp seeds – protein and amino acids, sprinkle on cereal, salad, etc.

+ peas – protein, vitamin C, and fiber

+ almonds – a protein packed snack

+ tomatoes – protein and vitamin K

What’s your favorite form of protein?

Beauty Benefits of Retinoids 0


Retinoids… chances are you’ve heard of them, but do you really know what they do and how they can benefit your skin?

Retinoids are a derivative of Vitamin A. They act to unclog pores, speed cell turnover, even out skin’s tone and texture, and boost collagen which in turn can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Overall, retinoids improve overall skin appearance.

It is best to apply retinoid treatments at night, before you go to bed. This allows the product adequate time to set into the skin and get to work before other products and environmental elements have the chance to interfere. Sun exposure does not need to be avoided, however, it is recommended that you regularly apply SPF 30 while on retinoid treatments (and daily for that matter) as retinoids can dry out the skin. We love SkinMedica’s Daily Physical Defense SPF 30+.

Retinoids can dry out the skin, causing redness and in some case flakiness. This can often times be avoided if you ease into the product. Just remember… a little goes a long way. A pea-sized drop is enough to cover the whole face. Start by applying retinoids a few times a week or every other night, giving your skin time to adjust. If it seems to be well tolerated, you can increase this to every night.

Retinoid is available both over the counter or by prescription. Though both are effective, results are typically seen as early as 4 weeks with prescription products and typically around 12 weeks with over the counter products. We love SkinMedica’s Tri-Retinol Complex.


Please do not use retinoid products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use in conjunction with other drying products such as Benzoyl peroxide. If you plan to have any facial waxing procedures done, such as eyebrow waxing, please discontinue use of retinoids 3 days before your treatment and let your aesthitician know that you are using a retinoid treatment. If your skin does not tolerate retinoids, please discontinue use.

Super Spinach 0


It’s no secret that spinach is good for you. It ‘s full of essential vitamins and nutrients including vitamin C and phytonutrients. Consuming dark, leafy greens on a regular basis is beneficial to your health in so many ways. Studies have shown that spinach is one of the most potent and beneficial greens. It’s dark color makes it more nutrient dense. Furthermore it is extremely low in calories and has a low glycemic index. Looks like Popeye knew what he was doing. Here are some more reasons to love spinach.


Health & Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil 0

Coconuts are a true superfood. They supply the body with so many health and beauty benefits. Coconuts have long been a staple for many people living in tropical climates, but they are finally becoming a staple here in the U.S. and worldwide. Here are some of the many benefits of coconut oil.


14 Ways To Love Apple Cider Vinegar 0


Here are 14 reasons you may want to make apple cider vinegar ( aka the ultimate health and beauty elixir ) a staple in your health and beauty routine for 2014.

ACV Health Benefits



– can clear a stuffy nose

– soothes a sore throat

– relieves body cramps

– controls blood sugar

– boosts metabolism

– lowers cholesterol

– maintains bone health

– relieves arthritis pain by preventing calcium build up in the joints

– reduces swelling in the body


ACV Beauty Boosters



– a natural, brightening skin toner

– whitens teeth, removes stains, and kills bacteria

– fights age spots due to it’s natural sulfur content

– improves circulation in the body, thus lessening the appearance of varicose veins

– clears skin… acne remedy, anti-bacterial, and pH balancing


There are so many great ways to incorporate ACV into your daily health and beauty regimen. Give it a try and let us know your favorite ways to use this natural health and beauty elixir!